• Financial Planning
  • Financial Planning is a service that looks at an individual’s investment needs through a step by step approach. The Financial Planning service is ideal for individuals who want to plan their investment process from early part of life. This exercise first looks at your current situation, evaluates risk profile and financial aspirations and articulates these into numbers.

    Our approach to financial planning is to work with you throughout your life and beyond.
  • Insurance Planning
  • Insurance is a contract by which you can protect yourself against specific losses by paying a premium over a period of time. Since each one of us, during our lives are faced with numerous risks - failing health, financial losses, accidents and even fatalities, our instinct drives us to cover ourselves against those risks. Though an insurance cover can't protect you against the emotional losses arising out of these risks, it softens the economic crisis that usually accompanies these losses.

    There are tree types of Insurance: Life, Health and General.
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax planning is an important part of financial planning. Efficient tax planning enables you to reduce your tax liability. With our advice, you will pay the right amount of tax. This is done by legitimately taking advantage of all tax exemptions, deductions rebates and allowances while ensuring that your investments are in line with your long term goals.

    √ Tax Planning is NOT tax evasion. It involves planning of your income sources and     investments. It is not tax evasion which is illegal under Indian laws.
    √ Tax Planning is NOT just putting your money blindly into any investments avenues.
    √ Tax Planning is NOT difficult. It can be practiced by anyone and with a very little time commitment as long as one is     organized with their finances.
  • NRI Corner
  • We offer:
    √ How NRI strategy would work. Investor opens an NRE account with the funds repatriated into India.
    √ Investor defines his investment goals.
    √ We design a mutual fund portfolio based on invest objectives
    √ Investor can give mandate letter making Mr. x  mandate holder to implement strategy without the loss of time and investor intervention or Investor can make one of his known persons mandate holder who can execute documents and sign cheques on his behalf. 

  • For any query, please feel free to contact us.